Fitness coach and co-founder of AsiaFitnessToday Nikki Yeo and myself have a conversation with Dr. James Muecke AM in “The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast”. Listen here.

Dr. James Muecke AM wants to send sugar on a holiday!

Type 2 Diabetes could be put into remission, says opthalmologist Dr. James Muecke AM. Almost as soon as he was named Australian of…

BlueLotus invited me to the preview of a play — Yellow Face, she says.

We didn’t read up on it as we had both been busy but yearned for an evening out and with zero expectations, we met at 5:00pm on a crisp April evening for a 12,000km meander from…

Who’s a Spike Lee fan here? In the 1980s, a film of the title above was released by one of America’s most revered film directors. In my research, I was quite surprised to read that they actually produced the film for a budget of US$6 million! That’s quite a hefty…

I once scoffed over my cup of tea and scones reading about the existence of a Kindness Association in Singapore. Wouldn’t kindness be a default of being human, I thought. Does everything need instruction? Why do people need to be reminded to be kind? Then there’s the “for-purpose company”, which would set one on a trajectory — does a company exist as an instrument to deliver solutions for the greater common good of humanity? Or are they solely for-profit to reward shareholders?

There seems to be a word abuzz in Founder’s circles these days. A new buzz word that will make your brand more appealing to Xennial employees.

  • Social entrepreneurship.
  • Cause-related marketing.
  • For-purpose companies.

Companies today are more socially conscious and it seems that if you were to attach a cause to…


Intrigued by sound frequencies & the great outdoors, Jasmine is co-creator of Move8.org, advocating an 8-step method towards wellness in our communities.

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