Help! I’m pre-diabetic! The Kurang Manis Sugar, Less Podcast

How did the Kurang Manis project begin? Click for more.

Season 1

Episode 1 (9/2/21): Datuk Nicol David

Episode 1: Nicol David — World №1 Squash Champion for 108 months consecutively, voted The World Games Greatest Athlete of All Time {{{ LISTEN }}}}

Episode 2 (16/2/21): Dr. Desmond Menon

Episode 3 (23/2/21): Dr. Pran Yoganathan

Episode 4 (2/3/21): Papi Zak

How it all began

Jasmine & Nikki at the AIDC Melbourne, pitching the film idea.

Small bites, large strides!



Intrigued by sound frequencies & the great outdoors, Jasmine is co-creator of, advocating an 8-step method towards wellness in our communities.

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