Yellow Face 😀

Steep steps Victoria Street, Potts Point
Victoria Street Steep Steps, Butler Stairs — photo by Jasmine H. Low

So who is this illustrious American playwright David Henry Hwang?

Here’s David, speaking about a time when he was stabbed in the neck while returning home from buying groceries, marked because of his colour yet mistaken as he wasn’t that accented Asian delivery guy the attacker thought he was.

DHH on “Soft Power”
"Good fortune will follow if we somehow survive"
DHH: American Theatre Wing’s Master Class
Yellow Faced — a sketch by Jasmine H. Low

About Yellow Face, the play

After taking a stand against the whitewashing of an Asian role in an upcoming Broadway musical, famous playwright David Henry Hwang becomes a role model for the Asian community. But when he accidentally casts a white man as the Asian lead in his new play, he rushes to cover up his mistake. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this semi-biographical comedy tackles cultural identity in the western world. How much of it do we put on for show and how much is truly who we are? Source: KXT

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Broken Blossoms or the Yellow Man and the Girl (1919). The Yellow Man here was played by Richard Barthelmess.
East Asians React to Yellow Face



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